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Life, Weather, and Illness

Hello again, sisters! I look forward to sharing with you from The Word again soon. I have notes prepared for several podcasts, but I have been unable to record recently. Going back to February, We were just one of the many Texas households affected by winter storm Uri. That put me behind in more ways…

Genesis 9

Summary Welcome to As He Leads – a Bible study podcast for busy women. Today’s podcast covers Genesis 9 and is read using the English Standard Version (ESV) of The Bible. In today’s show, I mentioned several resources that I’d share with you. I was trying to upload show notes from my phone and accidentally…

Genesis 8

Summary Welcome to As He Leads, a Bible study podcast for busy women! Today’s show notes include notations and situations from the podcast episode, as well as other interesting tidbits that didn’t make the cut into the show this time. My favorite verses from this chapter:  verse 1: “Then God remembered Noah…” Noah was not…

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Rachel Kennedy

I am Rachel Kennedy, voice behind the podcast, As He Leads. I’d love to claim it as my “brain child,” but really that claim belongs to God. I don’t claim to be an expert in any of this, just a vessel doing the best I can.

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