Genesis 5


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Today, we are in Genesis 5, the Geneology of Adam to Noah. I wanted to include the quotes I used from MacArthur and Constable so that you can reference them, too. 

From The MacArthur Bible Commentary:

In reference to Gen 5:5, he writes, “These are literal years marking unusual length of life. The pre-Flood environment, provided by the earth being under a canopy of water, filtered out the ultraviolet rays of the sun and produced a much more moderate and healthful condition. See notes on 1:7; 2:6. and he died. God told Adam that, if he ate of the tree, he would surely die (2:17). It included spiritual death, immediately and then physical death, later.”

From Dr. Thomas L. Constable’s Notes on Genesis 2020 Edition, which you can read here.

Assuming closed (or “tight”) genealogies in chapters 5 and 11, J. Paul Tanner calculated the Creation as having occurred about 4200 B.C., and the Flood about 2550 B.C.

Repetition usually reinforces and emphasizes in Scripture. The central lesson of the section appears to be that the godly can experience victory over the effects of the curse by walking with God. God will snatch some away (cf. 1 Cor. 15:51-53; 1 Thess. 4:17), like Enoch, but most have to endure physical death, though not necessarily spiritual death.

The last resource I wanted to share is the Answers in Genesis website. They have a wealth of knowledge and data to help bolster your faith from both Biblical and scientific standpoints. You can find information about the age of the earth here: