Genesis 9


Welcome to As He Leads – a Bible study podcast for busy women. Today’s podcast covers Genesis 9 and is read using the English Standard Version (ESV) of The Bible.

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Resource links I promised:

For post-flood information, click here.

If you are struggling with pornography addiction, I have Christian resources here from Focus on the Family or here from Hope & Joy in Christ. There are many other Christian based resources out there. Please feel free to reach out directly to me if you are in need of a listening ear.

Notes used from The MacArthur Bible Commentary 

9:25-27 Cursed be Canaan. The shift from Ham to his son Canaan established the historic legitimacy of Israel’s later conquest of the Canaanites. These were the people with whom Israel had to do battle shortly after they first heard Moses’ reading of this passage. Here, God gave Israel the theological basis for the conquest of Canaan. The descendants of Ham had received a sentence of judgment for the sins of their progenitor. In 10:15-20, the descendants of Canaan are seen to be the earlier inhabitants of the land later promised to Abraham.

9:26 may Canaan be his servant. Conquered peoples were called servants, even if they were not household or private slaves. Shem, the ancestor of Israel, and the other “Semites” were to be the masters of Ham’s descendants, the Canaanites. The latter would give their land to the former.

9:27 dwell in the tents. This means that spiritual blessings would come to the Japhethites through the God of Shem (v. 26) and the line of Shem from which Messiah would come.

Notes from Dr. Thomas L. Constable’s Notes on Genesis available online here.

The Noahic Covenant was a suzerainty treaty that God made with humankind through Noah.[526] In it, He promised to “never again destroy all flesh” with a “flood [of] water” (v. 11).

“A peculiar difficulty arises in v. 10 for those who hold that the Flood was partial and not universal. They must support the strange supposition that God made a covenant with those creatures only which went forth from the ark. Others that never entered the ark must do without the benefits of such a covenant.”

The sign God appointed to remind people of this promise, and to guarantee its veracity, was the rainbow (“bow”; v. 12-15; cf. 6:12). There may have been rainbows before this pronouncement, but now God attached significance to the rainbow.

“It is not impossible that with the Flood came altered atmospheric and cloud conditions, for geologic evidence points to an earlier age when a climate uniformly tropical prevailed also in the artic region.

The Canaanites became known for their shameless depravity in sexual matters.[550] … In view of what studies on the effects of viewing pornography have taught us, it should be no surprise that the root of the depraved Canaanite culture was looking at someone’s nakedness. We need to be very careful about viewing nudity. It can lead to an addiction that results in complete corruption, and finally ends in divine judgment.

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